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DNA Testing:
DNA Testing can be done in our office or on a mobile basis. 
DNA cells are collected from cells in the cheeks of the child and father (the mother should be included if at all possible to aid test results-but it is not mandatory). 
The samples are then shipped to a national DNA lab for analysis and results are completed in 3 to 5 business days.   
Testing can be performed for your informational use only, or for legal purposes for a court of law or child custody cases.
Paternity Testing Prices:
  • $295.00 for "informational" testing (no ID required) 
  • $395.00 for a legally documented collection (suitable to be used for child custody or court proceedings) Photo ID's of all parties required and/or birth certificate information.
  • $455.00 for mobile testing at your home or office that is witnessed and can be used in court or legal proceedings. 
               *additional travel costs for out of area collections.
 (Cash, check or charge) 

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